A company like FAMR is the kind of company that makes you feel like you didn't venture into this world of governmental portals and certifications alone. Joe McNichols has been like that rich uncle you can go to when you need help. Not speaking in matters of rich in cash, but in knowledge, experience, and excellence in customer service. Thank you FAMR and Joe for guiding me through this process. I plan on utilizing your services for years to come. Truly, thank you

Angela Pang Blass

Eco Serve Construction

The marketing campaign created by FAMR is an effective, low cost way to reach contracting officers you never knew existed. Only 3 months after our campaign launched, we were able to build a relationship with a new federal customer. We are proud to be clients of FAMR and looking forward to new relationships.

Thank you so much for your help and support for our company as we attempted to register with the federal government. We had been involved with veterans administration and going through the process in order to make artificial limbs and to provide breast prosthesis for those in need. After many failed attempts with the process we signed on with Federal Award Management and they assisted us through the process. Without Federal Award Management we would still be banging our heads against the wall.

For anyone seeking assistance with filing for SAM or CAGE Codes you should consider using Federal Award Management Registration. Vinny was the person at FAMR that helped to expedite the application for our business. We had a business name change in recent months and I had forgotten to obtain a new CAGE Code under our name and FEIN number. A government contract was already pending and our company needed the number ASAP. I have limited time for paper work so Vinny and FAMR did all the work. You can complete the filing at no cost if you want to take the time and risk errors that will delay your application; however, for me and the limited time I have to do additional paperwork the FAMR fee was well worth having a professional take care of the filing. I started on Friday with the process through FAMR and received the CAGE Code the following Tuesday, or 3 business days from start to finish. I only spoke with Vinny twice during the process and one of the calls was initiated by me with questions about the timeline. Well, my call was not necessary since the number was already on the way to my email address!
Thanks Vinny and FAMR,

Clayton Porter

GEM Car Service

As a new business owner, I was excited when I was invited to submit a bid for a government contract, but that excitement quickly turned to dismay when I realized how complicated the process of becoming a government contractor was. After a little research on the internet, I initially contacted a different company to assist me - but when telephone conversation with that company ended, I was just as confused about my options as before. My first instinct was to give up, but then I called FAMR and spoke to Vince. He soothed my worries, answered my questions in an understandable, non-jargon-y manner. He alternated appropriately between succinctly telling me certain steps I had to complete and engaging in a discussion with me where I had options. In my situation, there was significant time pressure because the window of time in which I had to submit my response to the RFQ was closing, but Vince provided me with advice about how to best manage the deadline, based on his knowledge of the industry. In the end, my worries all were resolved, and the process was completed very quickly. I have no hesitation in recommending Vince and FAMR to anyone seeking to become a government contractor.”

I would like to share my experience working with Mr. Vinny Rodriguez, I am the Lead Sales Rep for Ranchline All Natural. We are a company that produces all natural lamb jerky. I am currently learning the structure and contacts of the business. I had to register and get us a DUNS number and Vinny was pleasantly helpful, courteous, and keeps in constant contact with you during the entire process. He has called and checked in on me to make sure I know about areas, or people that I may get my all natural product distributed too!!! I am very happy to have worked with Vinny and I know if I need anything, he is just a phone call away!!

Vince, I want to thank you for your assistance in helping to get LPC set up with the GSA as an approved US Government vendor/contractor. As you know we had previously experienced some difficulties in getting through all the red tape. FAMR knowledge and guidance was helpful in navigating the many requirements to become approved.

I would like to take a moment of your time to express my gratitude for both Thomas Routzon and Vince Rodriguez. These two gentlemen were very patient and extremely helpful during a stressful situation. I was notified by a grantor that the McCreary County Board of Education's DUNS number was inactive in SAM. Upon hearing the news, I quickly contacted FAMR in which I was directed to Thomas Routzon whom walked me step-by-step through the registration process and then forwarded me to Vince Rodriguez whom expedited the process to get the registration complete. Luckily, the DUNS was activated just in time for the grantor to finalize the MOU agreement.

My company recently elected to pursue work through local, state, and federal government agencies. I discovered that we had previously been a federally approved vendor, but that registration was over 7 years expired. I paid one company 600.00 to handle the registration process. Three weeks later, I had seen no communication or contact with that company. Thomas Routzon contacted me from his company regarding the same service and through a discussion with him that my previously contracted company was a non-performer. I cancelled that service and reversed my credit card payment and immediately paid a lower fee to Federal Award Management Registration. Within one (1) hour of paying the fee, Vince Rodriguez had contacted me and provided me with a detailed list of responsibilities I needed to fulfill, the most important of which was to forward emails to him for processing. Even with obstacles such as obtaining my DUNS registration number and verifying the TIN, the entire process took less than 4 working days with constant communication with Vince I cannot ever recall contracting with a ‘service provider’ that I have received such professional and efficient service. Any interaction with a government agency can be tedious, but Thomas and Vince provided me constant updates and were extremely knowledgeable. For the trivial fee I paid, the amount of services provided were both efficient and cost-savings. I would recommend to any business seeking to register with the SAM system, to utilize this company as their expertise in this arena is definitely advantageous in both time and knowledge.

I have been working with Joe and Vince and they rock! The performance that Joe has provided me has been outstanding. The information and professionalism I've received has been great. Vince has provided awesome help and training. I look forward to doing a lot more business with Joe, and many years of working together. He has the answers and gives great tips on how to proceed and navigate the Federal contracting system. It is so great to have a winning team like FAMR to work with. Thank you again!

Michael Ross

MCR Enterprises

Thank you so much for getting my SAM registration done! This is the result of your help and your professional work, alon with everyone who helped on your team. If I need any help or assistance, Federal Award Management Registration will be the main source for the help and guidance. Thanks again Vince!

Nabil "Bill" Boufakhreddine

NB Rubber Consultant

On behalf of Schneeberger Inc., we would like to thank Vince Rodriguez for providing assistance in order to obtain and complete a SAM Registration. Not only did Vinny Rodriguez of Federal Award Management Registration assist in this process within a very short period of time, instilling very clear communicative expectations from Schneeberger, and promptly responding to any of Schneeberger Inc., concerns or questions along the way, he was able to research and find and assist in concurring Schneeberger Inc., A CAGE Code that was completed in 2002. With the expectations of completing the registration process weeks from the start, Vince worked diligently to see that the registration was completed in just a few days. Schneeberger, Inc. is appreciative of the efforts of Vince Rodriguez and the Federal Award Management Registration Group.