How do I get a CAGE code?

You receive your CAGE code once you have registered yourself in; there is no separate process to receive a CAGE code. A CAGE Code is the number that the government uses to identify your business specifically so they can pay you.

What are the advantages of having a third party do my registration or renewal for me?

There are many advantages of having a third party do your registration for you, but the most important ones are ensured accuracy, faster turn around times, and optimization of registration. At FAMR, we get them done more quickly than businesses who try to register themselves, we make sure all of the information that is entered is accurately, and we make sure that you NAICS and PCS codes are just right. For renewals, we go through and scrub your account to make sure everything is accurate, compliant, and optimized.

Why do you charge less when everyone else charges $599?

We believe in being upfront, and because we strive to be transparent, we charge an honest price for the work that we do. The work that it took to get businesses correctly registered used to be much more difficult, thus justifying the price tag of $599. But, with the migration of many databases to SAM it has become a little less complicated. Our competitors have decided to keep their original pricing of $599 despite this change, but we decided that $395 was a fair price with this update.

Can I do a SAM registration by myself?

Yes, you can. SAM registrations are done via, and as long as you have the time and the information, you can absolutely do it yourself. As you are aware though, the US Government has made what should be a simple process overly complex. If you do not complete your registration 100% accurately the first time, you can run into real problems such as not getting paid or limiting your ability to win contracts.